Introduction to FiA

WHAT IS FIA? FiA stands for Females in Action, and it is a peer-led, zero-cost, nonprofit workout group for women that takes place in many areas across the nation and continues to expand. Workouts are typically bootcamp style and last from 45 minutes on the weekdays to one hour on the weekends. We are women only, all ages, and all skill levels. Our workouts will work for you no matter where you are in your fitness abilities. Our workouts are outdoors: rain or shine, hot or cold, but we are always under a pavilion in inclement weather.

FiA Alpha started in September of 2017 and has since spread to other locations across the state & across the country. Feel free to check out to learn about all things FiA and to see just how big this little workout group really is!

WHAT DO YOU BRING? We usually recommend everyone bring a mat or towel, gloves (any kind will do, and most women actually choose not to wear any), water, and hand weights if you have them.

During COVID, we will not share equipment

HOW DOES IT WORK? Every workout is led by a volunteer “Q”. The “Q” is not a professional, but just one of our very own FiA’s; therefore, each workout is always different and you workout at your own risk. We cycle though taking turns volunteering to Q, and, if you decide to, you can sign up here! Most Q’s will post the night before the workout (in our Facebook & Slack groups) to let you know what you need to bring and where exactly to set up at each AO (location). Most workouts are bootcamp style and are always able to be modified, so, no matter your skill level, you can make it work for you!